Decorative Cornice Profile with data sheet

Decorative Cornices are a great way to transform your home and give it that more homely feeling and add a new touch to your surroundings!

Quick facts on Isocornice:

• 100% recyclable
• Ozone friendly
• Easy to install
• Durable once installed
• Suitable for any ceiling system
• Resistant to humidity
• Paintable with water based paint
• Proudly manufactured in RSA
• All cornices in the Decorative Range come in standard 2 meter lengths.

Decorative Cornices with info sheet installed or diy Pretoria wide

Isocornice and the environment:

• EPS is 100% recyclable: EPS can be
recycled in many ways once it comes to the
end of its life. This includes recycling directly
into new building products and incineration to
recover its inherent energy content.
• Ozone friendly: There are no CFC’s, HFC’s,
or HCFC’s in the Isocornice production
• Reuse: The scrap from the manufacturing
of Isocornice, and returned polystyrene, is
used to make Isowood dado rails and skirting
• Reduce waste on disposals: EPS accounts
for less than 0.1% of the weight in municipal
• Prevent ground water from contamination:
EPS products do not degrade into harmful
substances; are not water soluble; do not give
off any water soluble substances which could
lead to the contamination of ground water.
• Extremely safe: EPS is non-toxic and totally
inert. It is totally absent of any nutritional
value, so no fungi or micro-orgasm can grow within EPS.


Decorative Cornices with info sheet installed or diy

Isocornice Installation Guide

The rights tools to start the job:

  • Isocornice product of choice
    Notepad and pen
    Tape measure
    Large mitre box
    Sharp knife or suitable cutting
    Spatula or flat knife
    Masking tape
    Water based paint and paint brush
    Spirit level
    Damp sponge or cloth

DIY or Installed, we have a wide range available!


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