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Save up to 40% on our DIY Built in Kitchen Cupboards and do it yourself!


Are you looking for diy built in kitchen cupboards Pretoria wide or diy bedroom units? 


We get it, you want to do your own diy built in kitchen cupboards in Pretoria. You not only want to try but you really can and enjoy doing it yourself rather than getting someone else to do it! Or you are on a low budget and need to get your kitchen or bedroom cabinets done. You have come to the best place for your diy built in kitchen cupboards in Pretoria!

We do prefab cupboards and diy built in kitchen cupboards and units in standard and custom units in all styles.  

We have the solution for you, we offer readymade diy built in kitchen cupboards Pretoria wide at affordable prices for big or small kitchens units!

With our diy built in units you can save up to 40% on do it yourself units! And where our standard range does not cover your floor space, you can always order specific size or unit to make your kitchen fully optimized. 

We can also arrange professional installations for diy kitchen cupboards Pretoria wide or help with installations and with fitting of worktops. 




Plan your kitchen outlay

Where do one start?

Take the measurements. Draw up a outlay. Plan your space and what you need. 

There are different units for different applications. Look where the sink will be with the outlet and water pipes. Unless you plan to move that water pipes and outlay drains, then you need to plan on your existing areas dedicated for the sink, stove, etc. When looking at your basic design remember to plan your spice rack close to the stove where you will need it the most. 

The Units:

  • Base or Floor Units
  • Wall Units
  • Extended Wall Units
  • Pantry or Grocery Units
  • Bedroom Built in Units
  • Vanity or Bathroom Units

Some of our Base or Floor Units:


Some of our Wall Units:

Some cupboard layouts:


Please visit our online store for our DIY range and prices at www.diycupboards.co.za/store 


All kind of doors available, glass inlays, wrap or standard, paneled, whatever you need contact us for prices or visit us to discus your need! Need to know what colour finish to use? Here are a few resources that can help you from our suppliers form the PGBison Range or see the  Novolam Collection and get started.

We not only have great prices on our diy kitchen cupboards Pretoria wide but we offer great diy bedroom cupboards prices too!

Give us your outlay and measurements and we will help plan and organize your units for your FREE of charge! If there is an ad space, we will built a custom unit just for you! Affordable service and prices guaranteed! 

No need to first assembled our units, it comes pre-assembled and pre-made for your convenience and comfort.

Special range on our Bedroom cupboards with great price cuts if you do it yourself! Our full range will be uploaded soon, contact us for sizes, outlay and prices!


Call 071 437 4970 for Prices and Quotes


Our Base Units/Wall and Grocery units comes with:

  • White Backings
  • Assembled and Ready to Fit
  • Legs 
  • Doors and Hinges not included (contact us for prices on full range of colour and wrap doors standard and high gloss!)

Drawer Units comes with:

  • White Backings
  • Assembled and Ready to Fit
  • Legs 
  • Drawer Fronts or Facings not included
  • Drawer Runners not included

Let us some it up:

  • All our Floor Units includes shelve supports, legs (with screws), and wall anchors
  • All our Wall Units includes shelve supports and wall anchors
  • Need help planning the outlay? Well come talk to us and get professional ideas and help!
  • All our Pre-Assembled units comes standard in white melamine with white edging.
  • Doors should be ordered as an extra. Should the doors be in colour, please order matching exposed sides/panels with matching edging.
  • Any Kickplates (Floor plates), ceiling fillers (Top plates) or fillers should be measured after installation and ordered unless specified with order (please note that this will be extra)
  • All worktops should be ordered separately.


Please include if you need the help of an installer.

Delivery or Collection within 7-12 days from date of order

We can do your diy units in all major colours and styles, from standard doors to panel and profiled doors. Get colour schemes to see the look of your new kitchen! We have the full range of worktops or can arrange professional granite installations on your diy installation!

 Call us for our available standard units and prices

Request a Quote
Please include required measurements, outlay or plan. If you have any questions or need any assistance let us know!


PG Bison range for built in cupboards 

Formica range for kitchen worktops and built in cupboards

Sonae product range for kitchen, bedroom cupboards

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