The kitchen really is the castle itself. This is where we spend our happiest moments and where we find the joy of being a family.

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Built in Kitchen Cupboards Silverton Pretoria

For All your Built in Kitchen Cupboards Silverton and Pretoria wide.

Do you Need to replace your built in kitchen cupboards or looking for new designs in Silverton or Pretoria wide?

We can help you with designs for your kitchen built in cupboards with more than 15 years in the Carpentry and building industry we are here to assist you making your dream kitchen come true and add value to your home! We design, manufacture and install built in kitchen cupboards Pretoria Silverton for quality approved kitchen cabinets for competitive prices! Suppliers and fitters of build in units. We are the best joiners and carpenters nation wide!

So where do you start? By measuring up or setting up a basic outlay. If you cannot take the measurements, don't worry, we are here to help! Think on a basic outlay, what do you really want to make your built-in-kitchen stunning and effective to accommodate your lifestyle! Maybe you are thinking of saving some money and do it yourself with some diy units for sale! In most diy installations, our prices will make diy projects seems like a time waste! We do the fit quick and seamless at the best affordable price and gives you value for your money! Look at different pictures to get ideas for your kitchen-project. There are hundreds of pictures on google to help you in what you want. Pictures with different designs and colour schemes help make up your mind. From the contemporary to the modern, stylish or country style outlay, we do them all!

How to work out your kitchen cupboards and determine the outlay.

What measurements to use when supplying your quotation for your kitchen cupboards 

This is one of the basic things you will need when determining your quotation. The following information is important to give:


The height of the cupboards (there is a normal height for floor units, normally around 900mm but wall units must be specified to or ceiling height or door height)

The length of the cupboards

List a roughly drawn sketch of the layout of the cabinets

The color finish of the designs - see our wood finish range HERE

The area where you are staying where the built-in-cupboards will be installed.

If you are unsure or cannot decide on the layout, we can come out (Pretoria area only) and take the measurements to help you design your kitchen cabinets. If you have done all the above, contact us with all the details so that we can discuss the layout and give you a free quote! Our quick fit installations will bring value and comfort and will not disrupt your home life! We manufacture all units at our warehouse before fitment at your home, thus taking less time installing and renovating your kitchen!

We install and are suppliers mainly in the Pretoria area and surroundings or contact us if you are not sure!

Let us work together to create that kitchen you always want that will fit your budget and needs!

It takes Hands to build a House but only Hearts and can build a Home - Quote

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Melawood product range for built in cupboard boards

Formica range for kitchen worktops and built in cupboards

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